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slow breather for now
negotiable emergence
and change became their landscape
Switch For A Touch
Charming Mirages, The Nameless Is Still Yet To Tickle 2
Birthing New Fundaments
Slippy Contradicting Multitudes
Cosmic Proximity
Words Are Not Good Enough
Dead Boy are No Fun
Rabbit Hole
The 50th Farewell
The Sad Muse
too wet to stick
Rouge Monstro Those Who restrain Desire,
Curvy shady red promises
Try to Put a Ring On It
Pearly Eyes, Furry Fears (Squinting)
The Only Way Out is Through
The Spitting Woman
Grey Rainbows
The(i)r(e) / Her(e)
We Have Never Been One
Charcoal Mask Treatment
It looks back
Queen of her Jungle
Eternal Waters
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